Terms & Conditions

  1. Each QR Code is for one person to admit once only, except for a family ticket.
  2. A weekday ticket is only valid from Monday to Friday and cannot be used on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please buy the appropriate tickets for the relevant days.
  3. In order to provide appreciation experience of good quality, the organizers have set up an admission time slot reservation system. Visitors who have bought their tickets online are required to reserve their admission time slots in advance.
  4. Visitors who have bought tickets can make reservations on the official website of the exhibition(www.ghiblihk.com)by using the reservation code on their electronic tickets. Reservations must be made at least two hours before admission.
  5. Once a reservation has been confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled.
  6. Visitors must show both of the following proof at the same time upon admission:
    - the QR code on an electronic ticket or a voucher;
    - the QR code confirming successful reservation (both printed and electronic versions are acceptable)
  7. Children aged 3 or below receive free admission. Children aged 12 or below must be accompanied by adults aged 18 or above.
  8. Concessionary tickets are available for children aged 4 to 15, local full-time students, qualified persons with disabilities and senior citizens aged 65 or above. Visitors holding tickets need to present valid identity cards, student cards or Registration Cards for People with Disabilities upon admission.
  9. Participants are suggested to reserve around 1 hour for the exhibition. The latest admission time is 1 hour before closing of the exhibition.
  10. Wheeled items including luggage, baby strollers; or items posing potential hazard e.g. umbrellas, selfie sticks and animals are not allowed in the exhibition. Limited storage spaces are provided for luggage and baby strollers. Owner has full responsibility if their stored items are stolen or damaged, organisers have no liability or compensation responsibilities.
  11. For the avoidance of doubt, visitors undertake to indemnify the organizers for any losses, expenses, claims and liabilities which the organizers may suffer or incur as a result of any damage done by the visitors to any exhibit in whatever manner.
  12. Visitors holding tickets may be required to queue for admission and registration. The right of admission is reserved and is subject to the organizers’ and venue’s guidelines and the rules and guidelines of the landlord of the building for admission, otherwise entry may be refused.
  13. No eating or drinking is allowed. The use of flash is not allowed.
  14. Entry must be refused and the organizers can report to the police if tickets are not purchased from the organizers or their authorized agent(s).
  15. If a typhoon or rainstorm signal is hoisted on an exhibition date, please refer to the Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ghiblihk/ for the latest arrangement.
  16. Tickets sold through any channels and related service charges are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, and cannot be re-sold.
  17. The organizers reserve the rights to alter the contents and arrangements of the exhibition for whatever reasons without informing the visitors.
    Under all circumstances, tickets sold and related service charges are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  18. The ticket buying and admission rules are subject to changes without notice to the visitors. Under all circumstances, tickets sold and related service charges are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
  19. The organizers reserve all the rights of interpreting, adding to and amending these terms and conditions. The organizers reserve the right to make final decisions in case of any disputes. Visitors hereby agree to be abided by all these terms and conditions.
  20. If you have any enquiries, please contact Cityline at +852 2314 4228, Trip.com at +852 3008 3268 and Ctrip at 95010.
  21. In compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486 of The Laws of Hong Kong) (the “Ordinance”), the organizers would like to inform you the following:
    • (i) Upon registration and reservation for admission to the exhibition titled “The World of Studio Ghibli’s Animation (吉卜力的動畫世界)” (the “Exhibition”), it is necessary for visitors to provide the organizers with their personal data (including names, telephone numbers and email addresses) (the “Personal Data”) necessary for such registration and reservation.
    • (ii) For security purpose, the Personal Data may be disclosed and transferred to the landlord (the “Landlord”) of the premises where the Exhibition will be held and/or its group companies.
    • (iii) Failure to supply the Personal Data may result in the organizers and/or the Landlord unable to grant access to the Exhibition or the premises where the Exhibition will be held to such visitors.
    • (iv) The Personal Data is collected from visitors by the organizers in its ordinary course of business.
    • (v) The Personal Data may be used for the following purposes:
      (a) processing of the registration and reservation for admission to the Exhibition;
      (b) satisfying the security requirements of the premises where the Exhibition will be held;
      (c) providing the Landlord with the requisite information for granting access to the premises of the Exhibition to visitors;
      (d) the operation of the services provided to visitors;
      (e) marketing services or products of the organizers and/or its agents; and
      (f) for operational purposes and statistical analysis of the organizers.
    • (vi) The Personal Data held by the organizers relating to a visitor will be kept strictly confidential. However, the organizers may disclose such Personal Data to any or all of the following parties notwithstanding that their place(s) of business may be outside Hong Kong:
      (a) any agent, contractor or third party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunication, computer, payment, data processing or any other services to the organizers in connection with the operation of its business or the Exhibition;
      (b) any other person, including the organizer’s affiliated company(ies), under a duty of confidentiality to the organizers who has undertaken to keep such Personal Data confidential;
      (c) any person to whom the organizers are under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law, regulation or court order binding on the organizers or any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which the organizers are expected to comply; and
      (d) selected companies for the purpose of informing visitors of services or information which the organizers believe will be of interest to visitors.
      The Personal Data following disclosure may be collected, held, processed or used by such parties in whole or part inside or outside Hong Kong for the purposes set out in paragraph (v).
    • (vii) All reasonable efforts are made to ensure that any Personal Data held by the organizers is stored in a secure and safe place. All personal data which we collect is kept confidential to the best of our ability.
    • (viii) The organizers and the parties mentioned in paragraph 6 may retain the Personal Data for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archiving and/or audit purposes.
    • (ix) Under and in accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, any visitor has the right:
      (a) to check whether the organizers hold any Personal Data relating to him and is of access to such Personal Data;
      (b) to require the organizers to correct any data relating to him which is inaccurate; and
      (c) to ascertain the organizers’ policies and practices in relation to the Personal Data and to be informed of the kind of Personal Data held by the organizers.
    • (x) In accordance with the terms of the Ordinance, the organizers have the right to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request.
    • (xi) Requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding the organizers’ privacy policy and kinds of data held are to be addressed as follows:
      The Director
      William Chan Design (Hong Kong) Limited
      6/F., Room 602, Bupa Centre, No. 141 Connaught Road West, Western District, Hong Kong
      Tel: 2573 9228
      Fax: 2573 7486
    • (xii) Nothing in this Statement shall limit the rights of visitors under the Ordinance.
    • (xiii) In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this Statement, the English version shall prevail.
    • (xiv) The organizers may use the Personal Data for direct marketing purposes and the organizers require the visitors’ consent (which includes an indication of no objection) in this regard. If you do not agree with our proposed use of your personal data in direct marketing, please notify us by sending email to mkg@ghiblihk2019.com.